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Jonathan Granoff spent some time with us today at our luncheon. Jonathan Granoff. Read today's article from the Bergen Record here and read on to our spoke below for more highlights from his presentation.
Thank You, Jonathan
Spoke December 5, 2017
Rotary Club of Englewood
Presiding: Jennie Katsaros
Recorder: Mitch Schonfeld
Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Millie, Oliver Davis, Irmari Nacht, Nathalie Beaumont, two media people
  • 12/19 at 6:00 Christmas Party at Florence’s house.  $55 per person. Checks made out to Englewood Charities by 12/12.  Encouraged members to bring dessert
  • Board meeting next week 12/12
  • Condolences to Joan Johnson on the loss of her husband Ron Wittreich.  There will be a Memorial Service January 7 at First Presbyterian Church.
  • Condolences to Mike Prigoff on the death of his father Milton Prigoff (former member and Englewood Club President.
Happy Dollars:
  • Many dollars were given in memory of Milt and Ron.
Jonathan Granoff spoke on the challenges of reducing nuclear arms proliferation, the obstacles of disarmament, and the real threats of current world instability.  The world’s nations abide by a Biological warfare and a Chemical Weapons agreement but have not been able to reach accord on nuclear weapons.  He asked would nations tolerate a situation in which none could attack with small pox, but nine select nations could attack with plague.
He is part of many efforts at finding solutions, including. through which, former Cabinet leaders George Schultz & William Perry are part of dialogues. (Due to technology difficulties, we could not see his video).  George Schultz is a former Dwight Englewood graduate (and thus the local press covered today’s talk.)
The bomb at Hiroshima was equivalent to 15,000 pounds of TNT.  Today, the world has over 700 bombs with at least the equivalent power of 800,000 tons of TNT.  The release of only 100 bombs worldwide would make life unsustainable anywhere on earth.  He described the immediate impact of just one dropped on Manhattan and asked repeatedly why do we keep growing the capacity.  He thinks there are deep psychological reasons that keep us proliferating, as if we are worshipping the belief that stronger armament provides stronger security.  That is the deterrence argument.
The Pope declares in a Huffington Post article that readying the nuclear capacity is a moral outrage that dehumanizes the people trained to deploy the “unthinkable” and depletes financial and other resources that could go to promote health and well being. 
Attendance: Four tables completely filled
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Dec. 12   Mary Connolly—The Cause Coach
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