Rotary Club of Englewood NJ 

We meet each Tuesday at 12:15pm 

Crowne Plaza Englewood 

401 S Van Brunt St, Englewood NJ 07631 

Omar Lopez delighted us today with his presentation - touching on his history with Englewood all the way to his founding of Englewood Art Walls... read our spoke below for more informations...
Thank You Omar............
Rotary Club of Englewood
Spoke April 3rd, 2018
Presiding: Katsaros
Recorder: Cole
Visiting Rotarians and guests: Ikuyo, Miho Sasaki who had been our student last Rotary year and is now a student in music at SUNY Purchase; Daelisa Kim who is casting about for a Rotary Club to join; Melissa and Vincent Lopez, wife and son of our speaker Omar Lopez. Stacy de Montagnac, president of the John Wright ice arena and a new member.
Announcements: Phil Ball announced that The Mawah Environmental Volunteer Organization is staging a clean-up at Stag Hill in Mahwah on Earth Day. He mentioned it as an acquaintance of both of us noted that there was a great deal of trash in Overpeck Creek and wondered whether we could do a similar clean-up on Earth Day, April 22nd.
Reminder of upcoming events:
Community Chest function on April 18th at Montammy club. We are trying to fill 2 tables making the rate $150 pp. Make check out to Rotary Club of Englewood and send to PO Box 412, Englewood, NJ 07631
Flat Rock Brook at Rockleigh Country Club April 26th. Cost is $150 pp and check should be mailed to FRB, 443 Van Nostrand Ave. Englewood, NJ 07631
A combined Presidents’ Ball and Banner Exchange is taking place at The Venetian in Garfield on Thursday, May 17th. Cost is $130 pp. Please make a check out to The Englewood Rotary Club and mail to the club mailbox noted above. Please email ( me as to your attendance. I encourage everyone to join in thanking Jennie for an excellent  job this Rotary year.
Program: Omar Lopez was born and bred in New York City and moved to Englewood with his family five years ago. He has held a number of jobs in computer related vocations. His main focus is on an organization he founded called Englewood Art Walls.
The thrust of this project is to create murals on the bare exterior walls of the city as a way of giving the city a “face Lift.” He showed many examples of these murals which have been carried out in NYC. He has the approval of city fathers and is looking for some funding to attract artist to our city. Omar has noted that subjects for the murals could be city “heroes” such as Dwight Morrow or Fletcher Johnson.
The pictures of murals done in NYC were beautiful and a number of us commented that they would add color and style to many of the city walls.
We are still looking for some help with our newsletter, The Spoke.
Please contact me at the above email address.
Upcoming programs: April 10th Phil Ball had a TV show at one point and interviewed yours truly. He will present that DVD at that time.
April 17th: Betty Garger  Girl Scouts
April 24th: Susan Golding  Earth Day
May 1st: Stacy de Montagnac   John Wright Ice Arena
May 8th: Roland Weimers   Leonia Transportation and safety
  Kudos to Jo-ellen Knie for booking such good programs
I have been doing the Spoke since the late 90’s. At that time we had a tradition of listing the people who did not attend the meeting in hopes a that would give them some encouragement.
So here goes: Algrant, Barker, Baskerville-Norris, Bennett-Schoen, Brown, Burgess, Carson, Chazen, Dudley-Hamilton, Fetner, Gorman, Grossbard, Guttman, Han, Iskendarian, Powers-Johnson, Johnson, Jones, Marchi, Mendez, Miller, Milne, Morfesis, Norman, Pazant, Pesic-Klajn, Pine, Prigoff, Rauscher, Reddin, Schneider, Schonfeld, Schults, Shannon, Shapiro, Sidrow, Spiegel, Tanner, Vilar, Ward, Wiessner, Wimpheimer, Wisotsky, Young.